Thanks Pablo, I appreciate the feedback.

As for Planet releasing more of our Go work and helping the Go geospatial world, most of it so far isn’t actually that geospatial focused. I wish we had an amazing internal library of geo Go functions we could just release, but we haven’t made that deep of an investment yet — we tend to drop back to GDAL and python when we need good geospatial functions. Which is the great thing about micro-services, as we can mix and match.

There is some growing momentum in the overall Go geospatial world though. Tegola is vector tiles service in Go, and they’ve started extracting the core geometry stuff to the go-geospatial repo. They also started geocatalogo. And somewhat related, I also just got Planet approval to release a bit of our ‘static catalog’ work implementing the evolving stac spec in the go-stac repo (it’s empty at the moment, but should get filled up soon).

So I don’t think Planet will release most of its Go work, as it’s pretty custom to internal workflows. But we are certainly excited about the growing Go momentum, and will look for opportunities to use and contribute to more generic Go geospatial libraries.

Product Architect @ Planet, Board Member @ Open Geospatial Consortium, Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

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