Thank you Shuttleworth Foundation

I just wanted to give a shout out to the Shuttleworth Foundation, for truly living up to their philosophy of making ‘openness at the core of the Foundation’s experiment in the world’.

I recently became the first ‘Radiant.Earth Fellow’, and a key part of making that happen was crafting a contract that encapsulated the values we knew were important — particularly around a posture towards open source and open standards. Getting that type of contract right is challenging, as most contracts that lawyers write are all about owning everything and pushing all liability on to others. And the templates they use are all reflective of this, so it costs far more to write a contract that doesn’t reflect a closed, competitive value system. Thankfully I was able to find an awesome template that the Shuttleworth Foundation published on github.

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Radiant Earth was able to take that template and customize for their needs, and I was able to sign something that I felt really good about, that truly does everything right with the open work I’m doing with my fellowship time.

So thank you Shuttleworth Foundation for publishing all your agreement templates! It saved us both time and money, and enabled us to bake in many of the same values that you promote in your fellowship program. I know it can be a thankless task to take the extra time to make things open, so I just wanted to say thanks.

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