Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

I want to share a bit of news with everyone — I recently became the first Radiant.Earth Fellow! Radiant.Earth is a relatively new non-profit funded by Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network, helping to bring about more open geospatial data for positive global impact, and improved decision-making.

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The Radiant.Earth Fellow program is one that Dan Lopez, their CTO, has been planning since the very beginning, to enable key individuals to undertake work aligned with Radiant’s mission. He has extensive experience with the Linux Foundation, and modeled this program after their Fellow program, that sponsors Linus Torvald and other key leaders to focus on Linux.

I’m going to be focusing on open standards for the geospatial world, following the themes I’ve been writing about recently. In particular promoting Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF’s and encouraging the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog specification, to spur the wider world to a Cloud Native Geospatial ecosystem. And I’ll continue to push the Open Geospatial Consortium and in particular WFS 3.0 to be simpler, more accessible, and more open & collaborative.

This does not mean I’m stopping work at Planet by any means. I’ve been at 3 days a week at Planet for most all of 2017, and I’m going to continue in my role as Product Architect there. I’m particularly excited that we recently hired a new Chief Product Officer, who will really drive the product organization forward. One third of my Planet time has already been going to work on standards for the geospatial world, so the technical fellowship with Radiant will enable me to expand that commitment. I’m really excited to have more dedicated time to work on those topics, and super grateful to both Radiant and Planet for seeing it as important enough to really get behind.

Product Architect @ Planet, Board Member @ Open Geospatial Consortium, Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

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