Hey Anthony, I actually put together a tutorial on how to get a COG working with QGIS, just need to port it to html and get it posted, probably will get it up next week. It’s a bit of a hack, but the quick preview is to use the VRT builder in QGIS (Raster -> Miscellaneous -> Build Virtual Raster (Catalog). Then for your input file type /vsicurl/http://oin-hotosm.s3.amazonaws.com/59d33df023c8440011d7b26d/0/b378087a-c2a5-43a0-abec-71fcfb051150.tif (for the output file just save to a location that makes sense, I usually suffix it with .vrt). If you selected ‘load into canvas when finished’ you should see it as a layer right there. Then you’ve got streaming access to a 1.3 gigabyte file.

Can find more COG data on openaerialmap.org, just right click on ‘download’ and copy the link and stick it in after the ‘/vsicurl/’ on input.

Product Architect @ Planet, Board Member @ Open Geospatial Consortium, Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

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